Minors & Certificates


Department Minor


African American Studies African American Studies Minor

Online Diversity Certificate Program (Graduate level)

Department of Anthrhopology and Middle Eastern Cultures

Minor in Anthropology 


Minor in Middle Eastern Studies


Department of Biology

Minor in Biological Sciences

Minor in Microbiology

General Biology Certificate (Graduate level)
Department of Chemistry Minor in Chemistry Certificate in the ACS program (must be completed with BS degree)
Department of Classical & Modern Languages and Literatures

Minor in Foreign Languages (Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish)

Minor with Concentration in Classics

Foreign Language Teaching Certifications
Department of Communication

Minor in Broadcast and Digital Journalism

Minor in Communication Studies

Minor in Print and Digital Journalism

Minor in Public Relations

Minor in Theatre

Department of English 

Minor in English


Linguistics Minor

Creative Writing Minor

Film Studies Minor

Certificate in TESOL
Department of Geosciences 

Minor in Geosciences (Graduate and Undergraduate level)


Environment and Sustainability Minor


Geospatial and Remote Sensing Minor

Broadcast and Operational Meterology Certificate (online and distance)

Aeronautical Meterology Forecaster Certificate (online)

Teachers in Geoscience Program (distance)

Applied Meterology Program (distance)

Environmental Geoscience Program (distance)

Department of History Minor in History Diversity Certificate (Graduate level)
Department of Mathematics and Statistics 

Minor in Mathematics

Minor in Statistics

Department of Philosophy and Religion

Minor in Philosophy


Minor in Religion

Department of Physics and Astronomy Minor in Physics N/A
Department of Political Science and Public Administration

Minor in Political Science


Minor in International Studies

Minor in Pre-Law

Department of Psychology

Psychology Minor

Congnitive Science Minor

Trauma-Informed Child Advocacy Certificate

Multi-Disciplinary Certificate in Gerontology (Graduate level)

Department of Sociology Sociology Minor N/A
Department of Economics Economics Minor N/A
Gender Studies  Gender Studies Minor  Certificate in Gender Studies (Graduate level)
Department of Music Minor in Music N/A
Dean's Office - Health Professions Resource Center N/A Medical Humanities Certificate