Alumni of the Year Award

Alumni of the Year Awards

The College Alumni of the Year program recognizes alumni who have made a significant contribution to human or institutional progress in which a situation, institution or movement has been materially changed for the better because of their participation.

This award recognizes the achievements of outstanding alumni whose personal lives, professional accomplishments and community service best exemplify the mission of Mississippi State University.

2022 Alumni of the Year

Randy White

Dr. A. Randle “Randy” White is a 1966 chemistry graduate. As an MSU student, Dr. White was very involved throughout campus serving as a “duty boy” in the university hospital, located in George Hall at the time. He was also a member of the Sigma Chi Fraternity and served on the student senate.

After graduating from MSU, Dr. White received his medical degree from the University of Mississippi School of Medicine in Jackson. Dr. White served as an Assistant Professor of Medicine at UMMC for eight years before beginning his private practice of nephrology in Greenwood in 1983. Dr. White has lived and practice in Greenwood, MS for the past 39 years. He is considered a pioneer for bringing dialysis to the Mississippi Delta having established dialysis facilities in seven counties.

Over the years Dr. White has served on various medical boards and held positions in prestigious medical societies. Dr. White also served his country in the United States Army, retiring at the prestigious rank of Colonel.

Dr. and Mrs. White's financial contributions to Mississippi State University have been immeasurable. Through their vision and commitment, the Dr. A. Randle and Marilyn W. White Health Professions Resource Center (HPRC) was established to support all Mississippi State University students pursuing health related professional degree(s) become viable candidates for their future professional school of interest. 

Dr. and Mrs. White are very proud of their three daughters, Allison Seymour, Ashley Pittman and Dr. Rachael Faught. Allison Seymour and Dr. Rachael Faught are both MSU alumnae.

Past Recipients

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  • 1997 Dr. Fred G. Corley, Jr., '68
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  • 2016 Robert P. Bowen, ‘63
  • 2017 John H. Richards, Jr., ‘56
  • 2018 Dr. Howard Shook, Jr., '62
  • 2019 Cynthia M. "Cindy" Stevens, '83
  • 2020 Mark Worthey, '84
  • 2021 Robert L. Barnes, '72
  • 2022 Dr. A. Randle “Randy” White, '66