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A&S Committees

Fall 2021-Spring 2022

Department, Beginning of Term (Fall)

Heather Jordan

Biology, 2018
Committee CHAIR

Angelle Tanner

Physics and Astronomy, 2019

Jarrod Fogarty

Meridian Division of Arts & Science, 2019

Deb Mlsna

Chemistry, 2019

Brian Davisson

Classical & Modern Languages & Literatures, 2019

Ashley Vancil-Leap

Department of Gender Studies, 2020

Padmanava Dash

Department of Geosciences, 2020

Shane Miller

Anthropology & Middle Eastern Cultures, 2021

Abigail Good

Mathematics & Statistics, 2021

Jacob Tschume

Mathematics & Statistics, 2021
Kate Sawaya

Dean’s Office

Tommy Anderson

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

Emily Cain

Curriculum Development Support Team

Melanie Loehwing

Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs

Name Email
Jordan Lynton, African American Studies
Jesse Goliath, Anthropology & MEC
Bin Liu, Biological Sciences
Sidney Creutz, Chemistry
Karina Zelaya, CMLL
Wendy Roussin, Communication
Megan Smith, English
Molly Zuckerman, Gender Studies
Barrett Gutter, Geosciences
Peter Messer, History
Amber Robinson, Mathematics & Statistics
Vicki Gier, Meridian
Kristin Boyce, Philosophy & Religion
Angelle Tanner, Physics & Astronomy
Mike Potter, PSPA
Mary Dozier, Psychology
Braden Leap, Sociology
Tara Sutton, Sociology, President
Rick Travis, Dean, A&S
Giselle Thibaudeau, Associate Dean for Research, A&S
Tommy Anderson, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

• Operating Paper of the Faculty of the College of Arts & Sciences

Name Email
David Hoffman, AMEC
Nancy Reichert, Biological Sciences
Dongmao Zhang, Chemistry
Sol Pelaez, CMLL
Pete Smith, Communication
Shalyn Claggett, English
Shrinidhi Ambinakudige, Geosciences
Will Hay, History
Robert Smith, Mathematics & Statistics
John Bickle, Philosophy & Religion
Seong-Gon Kim, Physics & Astronomy
James Chamberlain, Poli Sci & Public Adm.
Tom Carskadon, Psychology
Raymond Barranco, Sociology

The College of Arts & Sciences Scholarship Committee is made up of 14 faculty members within the College. Those 14 members represent their respective departments, giving the committee well-rounded representation of its students. Scholarship committee members are responsible for annually reviewing submitted scholarship applications from incoming freshman, transfer students, and continuing students who will all be considered for private scholarships within the dean's office. Committee members take this task very seriously and diligently spend their time reviewing each application assigned to them. The work they do is very important so that the college can proudly award approximately $175,000 of private scholarships annually to its students. For questions regarding the A&S Scholarship Committee, please email Nikki Robinson, committee chair, at