College Resources from A to Z

College Resources from A to Z

The College of Arts and Sciences is home to 14 departments covering natural and physical sciences, and social and behavioral sciences, and the humanities. In addition, the college houses numerous programs, centers, and institutes covering a vast range of disciplines. Below you will find a list of resources used by our college.

Departments, Programs, Centers, and Institutes

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Aerospace Studies (Air Force ROTC)
African American Studies Program
African American Studies Undergraduate Minor
Alpha Psi Omega National Theatre Honor Society
Anthropology and Middle Eastern Cultures, Department of
Anthropology and Middle Eastern Cultures Graduate Student Association
Anthropology Club
Anthropology Field Schools

Anthropology Major
Anthropology Undergraduate Minor
Applied Anthropology Accelerated Degree
Applied Anthropology Graduate Degree
Asian Studies Concentration
Astronomy Club


Biological Sciences, Department of
Biology Graduate Student Association
Biological Science Nursing Concentration
Biological Science Physical Therapy Concentration
Blackfriars Drama Society
Broadcast Meteorology Certificate
Broadcast Meteorology Concentration
Broadcast & Digital Communication Concentration
Biological Sciences Major
Biological Sciences Ambassadors, Department of
Broadcast and Digital Journalism Undergraduate Minor
Broadcasting Education Association Student Media Club


Chemistry Graduate Student Association
Chemistry, Department of
Classical & Modern Languages and Literatures, Department of
Classics Club at Mississippi State University
Cobb Institute of Archaeology
College Chemistry Society
Communication, Department of
Communication Studies Concentration
College of Arts & Sciences Ambassadors 
Center for Computational Sciences
Criminology Major


Dunn-Seiler Museum


Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Graduate Degree
East Mississippi Chapter of the National Weather Association and American Meteorological Society
Economics Major (Arts & Sciences)
English, Department of
English Major
English Department Internship Program
English Graduate Degree (MA)
English Undergraduate Minor
Mississippi Entomology Museum
Environmental Geosciences Concentration
Environmental Geoscience Major


Film Studies Undergraduate Minor
Foreign Languages Graduate Degree
Foreign Language Major
Foreign Languages Undergraduate Minor
French Club, Department of CMLL
French Concentration


Gender Studies Graduate Certificate
Gender Studies Undergraduate Minor
Gender Studies Program
General Biology Graduate Degree
General Liberal Arts Major
General Science Major
Graduate Psychology Department Association
Geographic Information Systems Concentration
Geography Concentration
Geography Major
Geology Concentration
Geosciences, Department of
Geoscience Graduate Degree
Geosciences Major
Geospatial and Remote Sensing Graduate Minor
Geospatial and Remote Sensing Undergraduate Minor
Geospatial and Remote Sensing Technologies Certificate 
German Club at Mississippi State University
German Concentration
German Table, Department of CMLL


Habitat for Humanity Campus Chapter at Mississippi State University
Hands & Feet at MSU
Health Professions Resources Center
MSU Herbarium
History Accelerated Degree (BA/MA)History Graduate Degree (MA)
History Graduate Degree (PhD)
History Major
Center of History of Agricluture, Science, and the Environment of the South
History, Department of
Howell Observatory


Institute for the Humanities
Interdisciplinary Studies
International Business Concentration (through Arts & Sciences)
International Student Organization for Languages and Cultures, Department of CMLL
International Studies Undergraduate Minor
Italian Language Studies, Department of CMLL


Journalism Concentration
John C. Stennis Institute of Government


Lab Rats Comedy
Lambda Pi Eta
Language Placement Exam, Department of CMLL
Latin Concentration
Lester Andrews Graduate Research Symposium, Department of Chemistry
Linguistics Undergraduate Minor
Loid Dowdle Cobb Museum of Archaeology


Mass Spectrometry Facility, Department of Chemistry
Math Club
Mathematics and Statistics, Department of
Math Domain
Mathematics Graduate Degree (MS)
Mathematics Graduate Minor (PhD)
Mathematics Major (BA)
Mathematics Major (BS)
Mathematics Placement Exam
Mathematical Sciences Graduate Degree
Mathematics Undergraduate Minor
Medical Humanities Undergraduate Certificate
Medical Technology Major
Meridian Division of Arts & Sciences
Microbiology Major (BS)
Military Science, Department of
Middle Eastern Studies Undergraduate Minor
Military Science (Army ROTC)
Mississippi Model Security Council
Mississippi Quarterly
MSU Meridian
MSU Online Geosciences - Broadcast Meteorology
MSU Student Chapter of the American Society for Microbiology
MSU Weather Conditions
Music Major


NMR Facility, Department of Chemistry


Operational Meteorology Certificate


Philosophy Undergraduate Minor
Physics and Astronomy, Department of
Physics Graduate Program (MS)
Physics Graduate Program (PhD)
Physics Major
Physics Undergraduate Minor
Political Sciences & Public Administration, Department of
Political Science Graduate Degree (MA)
Political Science Major
Political Science Undergraduate Minor
Pre-Dental Society
Pre-Pharmacy Club
Pre-Pharmacy Concentration
Pre-Physical Therapy Club
Pre-Physician Assistant Club
Pre-Professional Programs at MSU
Print & Digital Journalism Concentration (BA)
Print & Digital Journalism Undergraduate Minor
Professional Meteorology/Climatology Concentration (MS)
Professional Meteorology Program
Psychology, Department of
Psychology Club
Psychology Major
Psychology Research Program
Psychology Undergraduate Minor
Philosophy & Religion, Department of
Philosophy Major
Poetry Club at MSU
Pre-Health Ambassadors
Pre-Law Society
Pre-Medical Concentration
Pre-Nursing Club
Pre-Occupational Therapy Club
Pre-Optometry Club
Professional Geology Concentration
Public Administration Graduate Degree (PhD)
Public Policy and Administration Graduate Degree (MPPA)
Public Relations Concentration
Public Relations Association of Mississippi (PRAM)
Public Relations Integrated Student Media (PRISM) Agency
Public Relations Student Society of America
Public Relations Undergraduate Minor


Religion Concentration
Remote Sensing Technologies Center
Religion Undergraduate Minor
Russian Club
Russian Language Studie


School Psychology Program
Social Justice Minor
Social Work Major
Society of African American Studies
Society of Physics Students
Sociological Graduate Student Association 
Sociological Student Association
Speech and Debate Council at MSU
Study Abroad
Social Science Research Center
Sociology, Department of
Sociology Graduate Degree (MS)
Sociology Graduate Degree (PhD)
Sociology Major
Sociology Undergraduate Minor
Spanish Club
Spanish Concentration
Speaking Center
Speech & Debate Council
Statistics Graduate Degree (MS)
Statistics Graduate Minor (PhD)
Statistics Undergraduate Minor
Stennis Institute of Government
Student Members of the American Chemical Society at MSU


Take 30 News
Teaching English as a Second Language
The Scene
The Streetcar
Theatre Concentration
Theatre MSU
Theatre Undergraduate Minor
The Reflector
Translation Services, Department of CMLL


X-Ray Facility, Department of Chemistry


Vision Magazine
Vision Podcast
Vision TV


Writing Center