From the Director

From the Director

Welcome back alumni and friends! The College of Arts & Sciences is home to a quarter of the rapidly growing Mississippi State University student body and also provides core classes for other majors making it the heart and educational foundation of the whole university.

As a proud Arts & Sciences graduate, I am excited and honored to serve as the Director of Development for the College of Arts & Sciences. With our College having the largest academic diversity with 25 degree programs, private support is critical to our success to provide our students and faculty access to innovative and cutting edge technology to excel in their field. We have truly been blessed with loyal and passionate alumni who have invested over the years to help make us the distinguished institution we are today. One of the great joys of this position is getting to see the current day impact on our students and faculty from investments made by donors in the past. These investments recruit the most elite and motivated students who may not have had the opportunity to pursue higher education without the vision and support of our amazing alumni.

Much of our progress is made possible by the generous support of alumni and friends. If you would like to invest in the future of our students, faculty and our university, or want to learn more about the incredible things our students and faculty are doing, please contact me. I look forward to talking with you soon to share all of the achievements of the College!

Our Arts & Sciences team is focused on highlighting upcoming speakers, lectures and other events that are open to our alumni to allow a first-hand look at the impact these students and faculty are making on the world. Please check the website regularly to see all of the many activities being held on campus or even in your area!

Hail State,

Sara Jurney Frederic
Director of Development
College of Arts & Sciences