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Current Students

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What is a liberal arts education?

A liberal arts education is not rooted in politics, but rather the desire to broaden a way of thinking. It is an education grounded in the ability to ask the right questions and to engage in problem-solving through logic, inquiry, analysis, and observation.

Students learn effective written and verbal communication skills and awareness of how human needs are impacted through all actions. Liberal arts students can see things differently and creatively through collaboration and team building.

They are truly positioned to innovate and bring real change in their chosen industry. Students coming from a liberal arts education are equipped with critical thinking and life skills to excel in a wide range of careers.

Majors & Concentrations

Our college is made up of 14 different departments and 27 degree programs. We have something to fit nearly every student. The possibilities are endless and we’re here to help. Take a look below and find out a little bit about each department that we offer.

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Minors & Certificates

We also offer multiple Minors and Certificates in 19 different departments for both Undergraduate and Graduate Students! Take a look below and find out a little bit about each department that we offer.

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Scholarship Opportunities

Scholarship applications for the Fall 2022 - Spring 2023 semesters will be available October 1, 2021. We encourage all students who want to be considered to fill out the General University scholarship application and also the Arts & Sciences conditional application. Check out our available scholarships below!

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Getting Involved

Involvement in your undergraduate major can be one of the most impactful and rewarding experiences of your college education.  Many times, the experiences a student has during their undergraduate education can shape their future goals and aspirations.  Many of these experiences take place outside of the classroom through involvement in organizations, undergraduate research, and study abroad experiences. Check out future Research Opportunities, Clubs & Organizations, and more below!

Student Resources & Opportunities

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Study Abroad

Our college offers a number of study abroad opportunities through several of our departments. This past year we had students travel to Spain, South America, Israel, Greece and more. Additionally, The Office of Study Abroad can be a valuable resource in planning your study abroad experience. See more information by visiting the Office of Study Abroad below!

MSU International Institute Office of Study Abroad

College of Arts & Sciences Ambassadors

As Mississippi State University’s largest and most diverse academic college, the College of Arts & Sciences seeks to faithfully and accurately represent the wide-ranging interests and concerns of its students. The College of Arts & Sciences Ambassadors (CASA), comprised of undergraduate representatives from the college’s 14 academic departments, seek to serve that purpose as a connection between the students in the college and the college’s administration.

CASA represents the College of Arts & Sciences to current and prospective students. Serving alongside representatives from their home departments, the ambassadors assist at recruitment events to relay how they have discovered their path to success through the College of Arts & Sciences. Our students serve as mentors to incoming students by staying in contact with prospective students, helping them discover future opportunities as Mississippi State Bulldog​s.

A&S Ambassadors application process