Promotion & Tenure Guidelines

The revised Promotion and Tenure document for MSU was approved by the Robert Holland Faculty Senate President on June 14, 2013, and President Mark Keenum and Provost Jerry Gilbert approved the document on June 17, 2013. A copy of the revised P and T document can be found in the MSU Faculty Handbook. These guidelines will go into effect May 16, 2014. The old version of the P and T document can be found in AOP 13.07 and will remain in effect until May 15, 2014.

College Guidelines

College of Arts & Sciences Promotion & Tenure Policies & Procedures


A&S Promotion & Tenure Committee

David Hoffman, AMEC
Nancy Reichert, Biological Sciences
Dongmao Zhang, Chemistry
Sol Pelaez, CMLL
Pete Smith, Communication
Shalyn Claggett, English
Shrinidhi Ambinakudige, Geosciences
Will Hay, History
Robert Smith, Mathematics & Statistics
John Bickle, Philosophy & Religion
Seong-Gon Kim, Physics & Astronomy
James Chamberlain, Poli Sci & Public Adm.
Steven Gwaltney, Chemistry
Tom Carskadon, Psychology

Raymond Barranco, Sociology

Rick Travis, Dean of A&S

Tommy Anderson, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

Giselle Thibaudeau, Associate Dean for Research