College of Arts & Sciences Ambassadors

College of Arts & Sciences Ambassadors 2019-2020

College of Arts and Sciences Ambassadors 2019-2020

Pictured left to right:
First row: Katelyn Jackson, Sofia Alvarez, John Payne, Ashley Thompson, Kyle Barron, Tatu Taylor, Mallorie Moore, Preety Gurung; Second row: Marisa Laudadio, Laura Ingouf, Emily Chappell, Olivia Murtagh, Taylor Nanni, Lizzie Bowman, Olivia Emmich, Macy McDaniel, Cailin Sims, Krishna Desai, Desiree Goodfellow; Third row: Javad A’arabi, Vesilla Dao, Matthew Figgins, Kenneth Groce, Adrianna Genge, Avery Ferguson, Emily Welch, Maggie Shepherd; Fourth row: Blake Williams, Cole O’Donnell, Alanna Bond, Torrye Evans, Alex Forbes, Sam Taylor, Meg Walker, Ellen Currie, Abbie Kate Hancock; Not pictured: Emily Tingle

CASA is an organization that serves as an advisor to the deans of Arts & Sciences as well as a liaison between College of Arts & Sciences students, prospective students, alumni and benefactors of CAS.