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All Experts

Nick Fitzkee

Field: Chemistry

Topics: chemistry, computation, physics , polymers

Bio / Description:

Dr. Nick Fitzkee is a professor in the Department of Chemistry whose research focuses on using a combination of physical chemistry, molecular biology, modeling, and NMR spectroscopy to understand the relationship between protein structure and function. Currently, our research is centered around three main projects: bacterial biofilms, protein-nanoparticle interactions, and structure and…

Allison Jaeger

Field: Cognitive Psychology

Topics: psychology, education , spatial thinking , stem

Bio / Description:

Dr. Allison Jaeger (Berena) is an assistant professor of Cognitive Psychology. Her research interests are situated at the intersection of cognitive psychology and education. Her research explores how individual differences in cognitive capacities such as spatial thinking impact STEM learning and reasoning and how educational materials and instructions can be designed to support all types of…

Donna M. Pierce

Field: Astronomy, Astrophysics

Topics: comets, space, physics

Bio / Description:

Dr. Donna Pierce is an associate professor in the Department of Physics & Astronomy at Mississippi State University. Her research concerns the physical and chemical properties of comets. She collaborates with observational astronomers to build interpretive models of the chemistry and structure of comet atmospheres that are in turn used to determine chemical and physical properties of comet…