Donna M. Pierce

Donna M. Pierce


Field(s) of expertise:


  • B.S. Physics, University of Kentucky
  • M.S. Astronomy, University of Maryland
  • Ph. D. Astronomy, University of Maryland


  • Associate Professor


  • Currently serving on 5 committees, with service in 20+ committees as Chair, Director, or Member
  • 2012 Faculty Appreciation Award, Bagley College of Engineering Office of Diversity Programs, Mississippi State University



Dr. Donna Pierce is an associate professor in the Department of Physics & Astronomy at Mississippi State University. Her research concerns the physical and chemical properties of comets. She collaborates with observational astronomers to build interpretive models of the chemistry and structure of comet atmospheres that are in turn used to determine chemical and physical properties of comet nuclei. Comets represent some of the most primitive material in the solar system and thus may provide clues to the process of forming planets.