Paul Scott

Paul Scott

Paul Scott

By Emily Dallas

From working as an Enterprise employee, being a member of Magic Kingdom’s Dream Squad, to now teaching history in the suburbs of Orlando, Florida, alumnus Paul Scott dedicates his success to MSU.

The 1993 graduate fondly reminisces about his time as a student studying the general liberal arts. “My cousin Melynn Arendale and I are the fourth generation of teachers in our family that MSU has produced,” said Scott. As one may imagine, being a part of the fourth generation of his family to attend MSU has created strong ties to the University and its traditions for Scott.

Since graduating from MSU a little over 20 years ago, the education and valuable, real-life work skills Scott received from MSU has led him to many different opportunities. Scott looks back on his time at MSU and offers current students a bit of life advice: “Learn to appreciate different cultures and opinions without refuting them,” said Scott.  He also adds, “You can respectfully disagree with someone, and you can appreciate another culture or viewpoint while still retaining your own values and remain friends with others.”

Scott mentioned that while the activities at MSU are fun, education and involvement are equally as important. “Work first, play later,” said Scott.

Making friends and getting involved is something Scott was also very adamant about when it came to his advice for students.  “It doesn’t have to be a Greek or sports organization, just find an outlet for your talents and interests and make friends,” said Scott.

When asked about his most influential mentor during his time at MSU, he, without hesitation, accredited Jerry Williams, who was the director of choral arts and also founded the Madrigals singing group on MSU’s campus. “I might have transferred if not for Mr. Jerry Williams,” said Scott.

Scott considers his greatest successes to be completing the Walt Disney World College Program while attending MSU, attaining his teaching degree, and his two children. Scott also considers one of his greatest successes to be the Youth Education Programs that he launched in Hong Kong, Disneyland.