Michael Richardson

Michael Richardson

Michael Richardson

By Krissy Carter

Two decades ago, Michael Richardson was a student at Mississippi State University working toward a goal that would take him on a journey. Little did he know that journey would take him back to the place it all started. 

“Found my best friends here [at MSU], learned to be more outgoing here, learned about being an adult, experienced my first part-time and full-time jobs, and met my wife here. All were great experiences, and I am still adding to those memories as a staff member on campus,” said Richardson.

Richardson received a bachelor's degree in chemistry in 1992, a second bachelor's degree in chemistry/physics education in 1994, and a master's degree in science education in 1998, all from Mississippi State University.  He currently works at MSU as the assistant director for chapter and volunteer programs in the Alumni Association.  While at MSU, Richardson created many memories, which he is still adding to now as he works as a staff member.

Richardson’s fondest memory while being a student at MSU is the time he spent working on chemistry experiments in the lab while he was a member of the MSU Chemistry Club. Richardson’s favorite faculty member and greatest mentor is the late Dr. Bill Henry, who was an associate professor in the Department of Chemistry. Richardson’s greatest success was co-authoring a paper in the Journal of Inorganic Chemistry about his research work with Henry. 

Richardson’s career history with MSU has been an exciting one. He was hired by the Alumni Association as a receptionist in 1996, promoted to Guest Relations assistant in 1998, and then entered in the Alumni Chapters world as the assistant coordinator of Alumni Chapters in 1999. He earned the title of Coordinator of Alumni Chapters in 2001 and then was promoted to assistant director of Alumni Chapter and Volunteer Programs in 2014.

Richardson’s advice for students is simple: enjoy everything that MSU has to offer.

“Enjoy every aspect of Mississippi State University. These are some of the most valuable and memorable times of your life, so be sure to enjoy them. Study, work, and play with passion,” said Richardson.

In addition to work, Richardson enjoys several hobbies and interests.  “My hobbies include video games, watching sports, and traveling. My interests tend to revolve around my hobbies, with emphasis on the MSU-side of sports and traveling. I love being around fellow bulldogs,” states Richardson.  When asked his favorite MSU tradition, Richardson responded as a true Bulldog, “It is Maroon Friday.”