Anne Elise Pilipovich

Anne Elise Pilipovich

Anne Elise Pilipovich 

By Hannah Bateman

On October 23, 2010, Anne Elise Parks Pilipovich, Mississippi State University’s 2010 homecoming queen, looked up from the field into the crowd at Davis Wade Stadium as a flood of memories from her four amazing years of college as an MSU student consumed her for a moment.

“In that surreal moment, four magical years of learning and growing were wrapped up in the most special way,” said Pilipovich.

Pilipovich describes this as her fondest memory of her time at MSU. Her father, Bill Parks, an MSU alumnus who earned his bachelor of science in business administration in 1979, escorted her down the 50-yard line at Scott Field. “He's the man who instilled in me an unwavering love and passion for the Maroon and White,” said Pilipovich.

This unwavering love for MSU is what brought Pilipovich, a native of New Albany, Mississippi, to Starkville to pursue her undergraduate degree at MSU. She graduated in 2011 with her bachelor of science in geoscience majoring in broadcast meteorology along with a minor in communication.

Since graduation, Pilipovich has worked as a broadcast meteorologist, and in 2014 she was promoted to midday/weekend morning meteorologist for FOX 2 News (KTVI) in St. Louis, Missouri. Pilipovich credits MSU for her success.

“Mississippi State truly prepares its students to go out into the world and do what they set out to do. My greatest success is just that – being able to set out for different regions of the country right out of college and pursue a career in broadcast meteorology. It's surreal to be in a Top 25 television market at this point in my career, but I'm thrilled and owe any form of success to Mississippi State,” said Pilipovich.

Pilipovich’s favorite faculty member while at MSU was Renny Vandewege, and her favorite class was practicum in broadcast meteorology taught by Vandewege.

“Having been a broadcast meteorologist himself, his expertise was invaluable. His students couldn't wait for his class because you knew his wealth of knowledge would enlighten you yet again,” said Pilipovich.

While at MSU, Pilipovich served as an Alumni Delegate, was a Diamond Girl for the MSU baseball team, and was a member of Delta Gamma sorority. During her time as an Alumni Delegate, she met her greatest mentor, Dr. Jimmy Abraham.

“If you know him, you adore him. Dr. Abraham is a standout human being who I had the privilege of learning from as an Alumni Delegate executive member. No one challenged me more to be better and give more. I'll forever be grateful for this man,” said Pilipovich.

Pilipovich likes to visit campus for MSU football game days, where she enjoys tailgating and getting the chance to ring her cowbell, her favorite MSU tradition.

“It's the sweetest sound walking into a game day and hearing the clanging of cowbells. You know you're home and back with the greatest people in the world,” said Pilipovich.

When thinking about all of her experiences at MSU, Pilipovich describes her time as “unforgettable.” She says it is hard to put into words all that she experienced at MSU, but she states that, “It was life-changing and enriching in every way. The people who make up this best campus in the country are second to none.”

Pilipovich enjoys spending her time storm chasing, traveling, and hiking with her husband, Nick Pilipovich, and their dog, Murphy.