Information on Dates and Deadlines for Sp. 2021

If you are not planning to graduate in Spring 2021 or if you are on a non-thesis track, please ignore this email.
The next Arts & Sciences deadlines for committee acceptance forms and thesis/dissertations for Spring 2021 graduation are included in this email.  Please read the whole e-mail, as the FAQ at the end should answer any questions you may have.
Please be sure to use the Committee Acceptance Form. The signature page will no longer be accepted for the Dean’s signature.
Dr. Travis cannot sign a committee acceptance form without first reviewing your thesis/dissertation.  Please remember to send your thesis/dissertation at the same time as the committee acceptance form.  We also cannot accept your committee acceptance form without your committee’s signatures.  If there is a special circumstance or a difficulty in obtaining a committee member’s signature interfering with the A&S deadline, please let me know.
For Spring 2021 graduation:
March 25, 2021 (Thursday):  Deadline for thesis/dissertation and committee acceptance form submission for Spring 2021 graduation to the College for Dr. Travis’s review and signature.
April 1, 2021 (Thursday):  Last day for initial submission of thesis/dissertation to the Library for Spring 2021 graduation.
Reminder: Formatting templates and standards can be found here: If you have any questions regarding your formatting or the Library’s submission process, please call 662.325.2170.

1)       How and when do we send you our thesis/dissertation and committee acceptance form?
You may send your thesis/dissertation a number of ways – e-mail it as an attachment (pdf, word) to Dr. Rick Travis (, to Dr. Giselle Thibaudeau (, to Dr. Tommy Anderson ( and to me (  We no longer accept thesis/dissertations on jump drives or hard copy because of the risk of losing the small drives and papers.
The committee acceptance form needs to include all of your committee signatures before it comes to the Dean’s office.
We would prefer that you send your thesis/dissertation and committee acceptance form at the same time, but you can send them separately if you need, as long as everything makes it to our office by the deadline.
2)      Who can send my thesis/dissertation and committee acceptance form to the Dean’s Office?
We would prefer that the graduate student deliver or e-mail (when appropriate) their committee acceptance form and thesis/dissertation. However, we understand that some graduate students are not on campus. If you need to have someone else deliver or pick up your thesis/dissertation/committee acceptance form, please let me know in advance who will be handling the deliveries ( or 662.325.0034).  Please do not send thesis/dissertation/committee acceptance form through campus mail.  We prefer to have a single individual responsible for the paperwork to make sure it does not get lost.
3)       Which version of the thesis/dissertation do I send you?
The version that you intend on sending to the library for initial submission is what should be sent to the College.  Please do not send us your thesis/dissertation before you defend.
4)      I’m going to miss the A&S deadline. What do I do?!
Call or e-mail me immediately so that we are aware of your situation.  Our deadlines are usually one week ahead of the Library’s deadlines.  We’d prefer that you send your thesis/dissertation before the A&S deadline to give us plenty of time to review and contact you before the Library’s deadline.  If you are late to the A&S deadline, know that the time/days used by A&S to review will run against the Library’s deadline.  If you do not make the Library’s deadline, you will need to speak with the Office of the Graduate School to get an extension.