Giving Opportunities

Mississippi State University is currently in the midst of a comprehensive capital campaign known as Infinite Impact: The Mississippi State University Campaign. Already exceeding the campaign's initial goal of $600 million set for 2018, there is a new goal set for $1billion at minimum. All contributions through 2020 will count towards the campaign. For more detailed information about the campaign, please visit

Annual gifts: Annual gifts are crucial to the College of Arts & Sciences. They provide ongoing support for the College, its departments and research centers, academic programs and student support services. Your annual contributions provide critical assistance and ensure that the College maintains quality programs and a high level of education excellence. Your gift can be designated to support any of the College’s strategic needs and can be used immediately.

Endowments: When you make an endowed gift to the College of Arts & Sciences, you are helping provide a resource for future generations. Your contribution is held in perpetuity, the principal is invested, and only the income from the investment is spent, allowing the legacy of your generosity to continue into perpetuity. Endowments may be named for the donor or in another name of the donor’s choosing.

Types of endowed funds:

Faculty Chairs: from $1,500,000. Endowed chairs help the College attract and retain distinguished faculty who are renowned in their field. The income is used to supplement salary and research efforts.

Professorships: from $500,000. Professorships help to attract and retain talented faculty, often in the middle of their careers. The income is used to supplement salary and research efforts.

Graduate Fellowships: from $250,000. Graduate fellowships are needed to attract and retain outstanding graduate students. Funds are used to offset the costs of education.

Scholarships: from $25,000. Scholarships are used to attract and retain the best and brightest undergraduate students throughout the state, region and nation. Scholarships can be tailored to have the impact of the donor’s choosing. Funds are used to offset the costs of education.

Other Endowed Funds: from $25,000. These funds may be used for support of a wide range of needs, including equipment maintenance, faculty enrichment, research and travel, and program support.

Capital projects: Naming opportunities for buildings, laboratories, classrooms and offices are available.