Tonya Hays

Tonya Hays


Field(s) of expertise:


  • B.A., Oklahoma Baptist University
  • MFA, Texas Christian University


  • Assistant Professor





Tonya Hays is an assistant professor in the Department of Communication teaching acting, playwriting, directing, theatre for young audiences and theatre for change.  Her recent Theatre MSU productions include Banner: a Sea Turtle Saga which engaged audience members in the fate of sea life in climate change and challenged them to take action. This production garnered international attention.  The production of Anne and Emmett invited social discourse on injustice and genocide through the lives of Anne Frank and Emmett Till. In addition, Hays and her students worked on a De-escalation with the Police Project creating mental health scenarios and role playing with local law enforcement.  She is available to comment on the arts as a mechanism for change and the importance of the humanities.