Dr. Kelly Moser

Dr. Kelly Moser


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Dr. Kelly Moser is an Associate Professor of Spanish and World Language Teaching in the Department of Classical & Modern Languages and Literatures. Her research explores language teacher identity, teacher cognition, and teacher practice. Moser’s critical research in System in which she uncovered how K-12 and post-secondary world language teachers enacted emergency remote instruction at the onset of the pandemic has been cited nearly 400 times. She has also explored how the pandemic influenced rural teacher professional development (The Rural Educator) and educators’ intentions to leave the profession (Language Teaching Research). Moser’s research related to teaching during emergency conditions led to being funded over $100,000 from the U.S. Department of Education to support and train K-12 world language and English as a second language teachers across the state. She has been instrumental in assisting language teachers at all levels in making transitions to remote instruction and supplementing traditional instruction through hybrid and hyflex teaching. Moser has also been selected as one of the 2023-2024 SEC Visiting Faculty to explore how hybrid and online teachers are trained and evaluated. Moser’s research on teacher effectiveness also explores the intersections of place-, sexual-, and gender-identities. Specifically, she is interested in understanding how rural LGBTQIA+ language educators in the U.S. South make sense of their professional roles in their schools and communities. Moser is the current graduate coordinator in CMLL. During her fellowship she will focus on student learning outcomes and faculty teaching practices as we work to identify strategies to improve learning and student retention.