All Experts

All Experts

Allison Jaeger

Field: Cognitive Psychology

Topics: psychology, education , spatial thinking , stem

Bio / Description:

Dr. Allison Jaeger (Berena) is an assistant professor of Cognitive Psychology. Her research interests are situated at the intersection of cognitive psychology and education. Her research explores how individual differences in cognitive capacities such as spatial thinking impact STEM learning and reasoning and how educational materials and instructions can be designed to support all types of…

Terry Likes

Field: Communication

Topics: radio-tv writing, reporting, anchoring, media performance, audio production, news, journalism , media, popular culture

Bio / Description:

Dr. Terry Likes, an award-winning educator and journalist, is the head of the Department of Communication and tenured full professor at Mississippi State University. He is an expert in radio-tv writing, reporting, production, and producing. Likes has won over 100 awards and honors in his career, and has conducted 37 presentations at a variety of conferences. His research interests include but…

Keith Moser

Field: French-Francophone Literature, Modern Foreign Languages

Topics: anti-vaccination movement, environmental humanities, environmentalism, fake news and disinformation, French-Francophone literature, Harki studies , late-stage capitalism, medical humanities, neoliberalism, post-truth politics

Bio / Description:

Dr. Keith Moser is a Professor of French and Francophone Studies in the Department of Classical & Modern Languages and Literatures.  He has more than 100 major publications including nine books and eighty-five articles.  Moser’s research examines many issues linked to social-ecological justice.  He is widely recognized by the international academic community as an expert in 20th-21st…

Kelly Moser

Field: Curriculum and Instruction, Spanish, World Languages

Topics: rural world language teacher preparation, teacher cognition and practice, world language teacher development, world language teacher shortage

Bio / Description:

Dr. Kelly Moser is an Associate Professor of Spanish and World Language Teaching in the Department of Classical & Modern Languages and Literatures. Her research explores language teacher identity, teacher cognition, and teacher practice. Moser’s critical research in System in which she uncovered how K-12 and post-secondary world language teachers enacted emergency remote instruction at the…

Robert Swanson

Field: Physics , Meteorology

Topics: weather, physics , space

Bio / Description:

Robert Swanson is an Instructor in the Department of Physics & Astronomy at Mississippi State University. He writes and performs children’s music about weather and astronomy for school and library groups. In an effort to teach science in an innovative and interesting way, Bob combines his passions for both science and music. A self-trained musician who plays guitar, harmonica, mandolin,…