Teresa Busby

Teresa Busby

Teresa Busby

By Hannah Bateman

Teresa Busby graduated with her bachelor’s and master’s of arts degree in history from Mississippi State University in 1993 and 1999 after years of working hard as a full-time student, employer and mother.

“Starkville and MSU were wonderful places to raise my boys. When I started at State, John was seven and William turned three shortly after we arrived in Starkville. The University was large but did not feel that way. It was welcoming to all and very warm and inviting,” said Busby.

It was not always easy for Busby to balance schoolwork with her job and raising two boys, but she credits the faculty at MSU for helping and encouraging her along the way. Dr. Stanly Godbold, professor emeritus in the Department of History, directed her master’s thesis and pushed her to work hard and not give up.

“I’ll always appreciate him for understanding that I had a responsibility to provide for my children, but not accepting that as an excuse for non-completion. Failure was not an option, and he and I both knew that not completing my thesis would be a failure for which I would never forgive myself,” said Busby.

Busby credits the College of Arts and Sciences for the well-rounded education she received from MSU.

“We learned to write well, think critically and analytically, speak well, research and find information, and think independently. Being a history major allowed crossover into several other majors – English, psychology, sociology, to name a few,” said Busby.

Now the vice president of the Natchez campus at Copiah-Lincoln Community College, Busby states that to her, success means helping others – whether that is helping her family, animals, active duty military and veterans, or the students she works with everyday at her job.

“Every day, I feel like I get to make a difference to our students at the community college. Whether they need a word of encouragement, someone to laugh with, help finding childcare so they can continue their education, anything, that’s success – being able to help,” said Busby.

Busby’s advice to perspective students is simply this: “Go to Mississippi State University. You will find a home there… a family.”

“The campus is welcoming and is home to a diverse student and faculty population. There is something for everyone; athletics, academic clubs and competitions, tailgating, a presidential library, cultural activities and performances, and the list goes on and on for students,” Busby said.

Busby’s favorite tradition is the cowbell. “You can walk into any office or home and immediately know if you are in the presence of a fellow State fan,” said Busby. Her favorite memories during her time on campus are attending football, baseball and basketball games with her sons.

Some of her favorite hobbies include reading, writing, caring for animals, and spending time with her grandchildren. She adds that even though only one of her sons attended MSU, she hopes to see her grandchildren attend MSU as she did 15 years ago.

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