Student Profile: Marisa Laudadio

Marisa headshot 2020

Marisa Laudadio always knew she wanted to help others. At a high school 4H event in Mississippi’s capital first, Laudadio first formulated her love of politics because she saw it as a catalyst to help her impact people’s lives. Originally from Memphis, TN, Laudadio chose MSU to major in both political science and communication with a minor in Spanish and international studies. The May 2020 graduate also is a 2019 Truman Scholarship finalist.

“I chose my majors because I wanted to gain skills that would equip me to make a difference in the world and change lives for the better. Politics and policy touch every single person's life, and I wanted to understand how these processes worked,” said Laudadio.

Throughout her college career, Laudadio has shown outstanding leadership all while maintaining a 4.0 GPA. This academic year, she served as the vice president for Public Relations Student Society of America. For the past two years, Laudadio also has been the president of the College of Arts & Sciences Ambassadors. She works closely with undergraduate coordinator Hannah Bateman. Her job as president consists of setting the ambassador’s agenda, meeting with perspective students, talking at alumni meetings, writing post cards and reaching out to students.

“Being more social sciences and humanities focused, I wouldn’t have as many opportunities to get to know physics, math and chemistry majors except through being an ambassador.” Laudadio said. “I am now friends with people in multiple different majors that I wouldn’t have known otherwise.”  

This semester, Laudadio interned with the Stennis Center for Public Service in Starkville, MS. This internship has allowed Laudadio to utilize both the communication and political science skills she learned in the classroom.

“I think it is really special and cool that I get to have this internship that’s allowing me to use both of my degrees. I feel like I’ve come full circle with my time here at MSU,” Laudadio said.

For incoming freshman, Laudadio’s advice is, “Don't be afraid to put yourself out there and try new things. Talk to people you don't know. You'll be surprised at the awesome new friends you make!”

“Also, make sure you get to know your professors early on. They can be super helpful not only in the classroom but also for writing letters of recommendation in the future and letting you know about cool opportunities.”

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