Sameer Hasnoo

Sameer Hasnoo

Sameer Hasnoo

By Karyn Brown

A first generation bulldog, Sameer Hasnoo graduated from MSU as a commissioned officer from MSU’s Army ROTC program starting his first job just one month after graduation. That would be just the start of what has been an impressive military career for this alumnus.

“I had a great time in my 4 years as an undergrad. I was involved in everything I could be including Army ROTC, Fraternity life, intramural sports, and more,” said Hasnoo. He says the College of Arts & Sciences and MSU had a tremendous impact in shaping his success. “It made me ready for the real world with experience; and the name, reputation, and degree to back it all up,” Hasnoo said.

Receiving a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in political science, his favorite classes while attending MSU were his political science courses and he mentions Professor Whit Waide as his greatest mentor.

His advice for prospective and current students is for them to get involved. “Take advantage of all that MSU has to offer. That includes various student organizations, intramural teams, and viewing as many sporting events possible. It's not just a school, but an experience you will cherish later on,” said Hasnoo.

As far as his favorite MSU memory, Hasnoo says it was when MSU beat Auburn in 2014 putting MSU as #1 in college football rankings. And, his favorite MSU tradition is the cowbell. Hasnoo is a proud bulldog. He says, “I'll always look back at my memories from MSU. I wouldn't change a thing if I could. That is why I'm a full member of the alumni association. I proudly display my maroon and white!”

Hasnoo, originally from Tyrone, Georgia, is currently residing in Houston, Texas. He serves as a platoon leader in the Army Texas National Guard and works for Toll Brothers Inc,. a luxury home builder. He enjoys taking time for friends, staying active and playing golf.

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