Lauren Hacker

Lauren Hacker

Lauren Hacker

By Mary Frances Broadhead

Lauren Hacker, a recent graduate with bachelor’s degrees in chemistry and secondary education, says that her experience at MSU was simply “unforgettable.”

After graduation, Hacker moved to Houston, Texas, where she began her successful teaching career at Westside High School in the Houston Independent School District. “In January 2015 during my first year, I was selected by my school as the Beginning Teacher of the Year," Hacker stated. This is an honor she considers one of her greatest successes.

In her second year of teaching Hacker continued to receive accolades. She was one of 30 teachers selected for the National Science Teacher Association’s New Teacher Academy and was elected to visit The High School Affiliated to University of Science and Technology Beijing. While she was there, she had the honor of leading development sessions for teachers about how to present and demonstrate inquiry-based learning.

Hacker credits Dr. Ryan Walker, a secondary education professor at MSU, for the huge impact he had on the way she now leads her classroom. “It was through him that I first learned about inquiry-based learning, and it was because of him that I've used it in my classroom every single day,” Hacker stated.

While the MSU faculty members had a significant impact on her life, Hacker also credits the College of Arts and Sciences for preparing her for her future career. Hacker says that she uses the skills that she obtained from her time at MSU on a daily basis to effectively teach her students.

During her time at MSU, Hacker says that general psychology was her favorite class and Dr. Ryan Walker was her favorite faculty member. Her fondest memories from college include spending time in the Left Field Lounge and cheering on the bulldogs, while Super Bulldog Weekend and the cowbell are her favorite MSU traditions.

When asked what advice she would give current and future students, Hacker stated, “You have to be willing to step out of your comfort zone. There is a world filled with possibilities, but if you aren't willing to try something new you're likely to miss out on many opportunities.”

Hacker was recently selected as the program director for OneGoal, a program designed for students, “who have potential and commitment, but who without intervention would have extremely limited college prospects.” She is excited to have the opportunity to work with these students and cannot wait to see where her teaching career takes her.

In her spare time, Hacker enjoys reading, exercising, and trying new restaurants.

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