Jamie Aron

Jamie Aron

Jamie Aron

By Claire Winesett

Jamie Aron, a double major in political science and mathematics, was named a national Harry S. Truman Scholar prior to graduating in 2016. Along with her incredible academic achievements, Aron credits Mississippi State University for many meaningful experiences beyond the classroom.

“MSU instilled in me a commitment to service, one that incorporates a world perspective with local necessity. At MSU, I found critical thinking skills in the classroom and leadership skills in the various clubs and organizations on campus. I was privileged to have such selfless, wise mentors at MSU,” said Aron. 

Aron, now living in her hometown of Flowood, Mississippi, is currently pursuing a Master’s of Medical Sciences degree at Mississippi College in order to prepare for medical school, where she will utilize her Truman scholarship.

The Bulldog blood runs deep in the Aron family. Many members of Aron’s family, including both of her parents, her grandfather, her great-grandfather and numerous cousins went to Mississippi State. Her younger brother, Josh, is a current student. In fact, one of her favorite memories from her time at MSU has to do with her brother.

“My fondest memory is eating lunch at the Templeton with my younger brother, Josh. He was a freshman when I was a senior. Lunch served as the perfect way for me to make sure he was doing well but also to give him his own space to experience college,” said Aron.

Aron says that her college years were not only fun-filled, but that they were also formative.

“At MSU, I found myself excited about new possibilities and challenged by myself and others. I gained a deeper understanding of my perspective of the world and how it may differ from others,” said Aron.

Although she accomplished a lot during her time at MSU, Aron claims that her greatest success is the friendships she made during her undergraduate career.

“I believe investing in individuals around me is the best way to spread success and enact positive change,” said Aron.

Aron credits the College of Arts and Sciences with providing her the opportunity to attain a depth of knowledge that she will use in her future endeavors.

“Being a double major in political science and math, I took a variety of courses every semester, mostly from the College of Arts and Sciences. Whether it be comparative government, calculus, biology, physics, psychology, chemistry, sociology, or even British literature, I knew the College of Arts and Sciences was well equipped to give me the best learning experience in each subject matter,” said Aron.

She continued, “I am confident that no matter where I go or what I choose to achieve, I have been prepared by the College of Arts and Sciences with the necessary knowledge and skills to succeed.”

Aron’s favorite class during her time at Mississippi State was Diplomatic History of the U.S., taught by Dr. Richard Damms, which detailed the United States’ various international interactions it has been involved in as well as the internal and external influences on the United States’ international diplomacy.

Her favorite faculty member was Dr. Brian Shoup, a professor in the Department of Political Science and Public Administration.

“He is committed to his students and helping them develop as critical thinkers with a global perspective. Plus, he makes learning fun,” said Aron.

Her advice to current and future MSU bulldogs is:

“Try different activities, meet people who may not look, talk, or think like you. Engage in different possibilities, and be open to all MSU has to offer. You'll be surprised what you learn about yourself in the process.”

“The opportunities at Mississippi State are endless, so long as you seek them and are open to their impact on you. I can only hope I will one day be able to give back meaningfully to my University, as it has given so much to me,” said Aron.

Aron’s favorite MSU tradition is Maroon Friday, and she enjoys traveling, visiting art and history museums, spending time with her family, and hanging out at coffee shops.




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