Jameson Holman

Jameson Holman

Jameson Holman

By Claire Winesett 

Since obtaining his bachelor’s degree in psychology in 2004, Mississippi State University alumnus Jimmy Holman has served in many positions such as a residential counselor, revenue analyst maximization team member, and associate licensed marriage and family therapist, while also continuing to enjoy some of the same hobbies he pursued in college.

Originally from Jackson, Mississippi, Holman currently works as a psychotherapist and clinical program director in Salt Lake City, Utah. While Holman considers obtaining his psychology degree from MSU his greatest success, being involved in organizations during his time as a student played a very influential role in Holman’s college experience.

“I was a resident assistant, as well as member of the Music Makers concert promotion organization, and was blessed to be able to touch the lives of many of our diverse student population through residence hall life counseling or facilitating in the bringing about of good live music on our beautiful storied campus,” said Holman.

While Holman said that his favorite memory of his time at MSU was the day that he received his letter stating he was selected to be a resident assistant, his passion for music that he pursued through Music Makers continues to play a part in his life and serve as an ongoing hobby of his.  

“I fronted American Hollow, a progressive hard rock band and released two studio albums. I've spoken at engagements regarding music as well as mental health. I'm a self-confessed nerd for pretty much all things science fiction, high fantasy, and 70's progressive rock such as Doctor Who, both the classic series and the new series, the works of Tolkien and Peter Jackson's iconic trilogy of The Lord of the Rings films, I also have love for The Hobbit trilogy of films as well, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, King Crimson, Rush…  just to name a few,” said Holman.

Whether it was pursing his education in psychology, working as a music maker or a resident assistant, or just building friendships, Holman enjoyed his time at MSU and believes that his years as a student here were worthwhile.

“My experience at MSU was amazing. I experienced so much and gained so much from the friendships forged and education obtained. I cannot express my gratitude enough for my experience at MSU,” said Holman.

Holman’s advice for students: “Work hard, play hard, and never let anybody tell you what you can and cannot do, for it is within you to achieve anything you set your mind to. You are remarkable, you are an inspiration to generations to come, and you, yes you, are capable of amazing things.”








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