Eushekia Hewitt

Eushekia Hewitt

Eushekia Hewitt

By Emily Dallas

Mississippi native Eushekia Hewitt is living her dream working with higher education and non-profit organizations in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. Hewitt graduated from Mississippi State University in 2001, along side her twin sister, Tamikia Vasquez, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science.

Hewitt says that she loved her time spent at MSU. “During those four years, I developed lifelong friendships and really grew on a personal and academic level,” said Hewitt. She added that her involvement in campus organizations such as the Student Association and Honors Council played a big role in her love for MSU.

Hewitt’s favorite class at MSU was Politics of the Third World because her professor shared personal testimonies of growing up in Ghana, Africa. She added that all of her professors impacted her life, but if she had to choose, Dr. Marty Wiseman was her favorite. “He imparted a lot into me,” said Hewitt.

Hewitt said that her fondest memory from MSU came from a road trip she took with some of her closest friends to the Cotton Bowl in Dallas, Texas, to cheer on the Bulldogs. Her favorite MSU tradition during her four years was the maroon and white cheer. “Thankfully, social media has allowed me to still participate in that,” said Hewitt.

Hewitt also credits Dr. Ellen Carpenter as being one of her favorite faculty members. “She offered support and guidance when I began teaching on the collegiate level,” said Hewitt.

Hewitt is grateful for all of the political science faculty members on being accessible during her time at MSU. She added that faculty had an “open door” policy where students could come and go as needed. “Many of them even hosted gatherings in their homes. I try to emulate this approach in my interaction with students,” said Hewitt.

In her free time, Hewitt enjoys spending time with her husband and two daughters, whom she names her greatest success. “I also like to travel, read, and play tennis,” she said.

 When it comes to giving advice to current and future MSU students, she says, “When you finish school, you have a certain idea of how your life is going to go, but things change and the Lord may provide other opportunities for you.” She adds, “Be open to what comes your way!”


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