Cindy Stevens

Cindy Stevens

Cindy Stevens

By Emily Dallas

Cindy Stevens achieved her dream of working in Washington D.C., and she dedicates her knowledge and success to her determined will and to Mississippi State University.

“The encouragement and strong support I received during my college years and subsequently in my career has made me a better person and I thank everyone at MSU for that,” said Stevens.

Stevens graduated from MSU with B.A. in political science, and is now a partner with Deloitte in the Nation’s capital.

Stevens’ fondest memory from MSU is all of the times people helped guide her in the right direction for her career path. “Many people spent time with me discussing my options of what I wanted to do. I knew I wanted to work in Washington, D.C.,” said Stevens. “Congressman Sonny Montgomery loved MSU and was a graduate. I had the opportunity to meet him when he came to campus, and that is how I got my first job in Washington,” she added.

During her time at MSU, Stevens worked with the Dean of Veterinary Medicine.

“I met so many people through this experience. One of my responsibilities was to give tours of the new facility,” said Stevens. Stevens claims that her favorite tradition was football game day on Saturday mornings. “I love walking on campus early on Saturday mornings before home football games and watching people begin to get ready for game day,” she said.

Today, Stevens has the opportunity to travel a lot with her job – something she really enjoys. “I like walking in the different cities, getting a sense of the culture, and talking to the local people,” said Stevens. “I will always enjoy meeting new people and making new friends,” she added.

Stevens encourages current and future MSU students to “follow what you are passionate about, and you will find a way to make it happen.” She also explained that students should let their experience at MSU mold and shape them, as it has to many others. “I would not be the person I am today without my MSU family,” said Stevens.



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