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Camille Scales Young

By Hannah Bateman

Fun, informative, engaging, enlightening, and cultural – these are all words that might best capture Camille Scales Young’s time at Mississippi State University.

“Words can't describe what my experience was like at MSU,” said Young. “Those years shaped who I am as a professional, wife, mother and community volunteer. MSU absolutely helped me attain whatever measure of success I have had,” she added.

Young, whose mother also attended MSU, earned her bachelor’s degree in communication management in 1994 and her master’s degree in agriculture and extension education with an emphasis in public policy in 1996, both from MSU.

After college, Young started her career as a communication specialist at Mississippi Farm Bureau Federation working in its government relations department.  Five years later, Young took a position with Watkins Ludlam Winter & Stennis, P.A. where she worked for ten years. Currently, Young lives in Madison, Mississippi, where she serves as the vice president of Cornerstone Government Affairs where she has been for the past five years. She specializes in lobbying, public relations, community relations and association management.

Young credits the College of Arts and Sciences and the Department of Communication for giving her ‘book’ and ‘practical’ knowledge that she still uses everyday in her working and personal life. Her favorite class was interpersonal communication taught by Dr. Jere Littlejohn. “We learned so much about how a person's communication style can reveal what they are thinking,” said Young.

Her favorite faculty member was Dr. Sid Hill, a professor in the Department of Communication who also served as the department head. “I'm so glad he pushed me and allowed me to maximize my potential. He also gave me a wonderful opportunity to teach public speaking when I was in graduate school. That was a wonderful experience,” said Young. 

Dr. Everlyn Johnson, a retired MSU Extension professional, was a “wonderful” mentor to Young. Along with Dr. Johnson, Young’s parents have served as tremendous mentors to her. “They taught me to believe in myself, treat others with kindness and respect, and love God and family,” said Young.

When offering advice to current and future students, Young states, “Get as much experience as you can! I worked at The Reflector, I taught public speaking, I volunteered on student committees, I served my sorority, I worked on Capitol Hill one summer... all of those experiences gave me a background that put me head and shoulders above other college graduates. And, it prepared me to hit the ground running when I got my first full-time job.”

Young’s involvement at MSU did not stop after graduation. In 2012-2013, she served as president of the MSU National Alumni Association. Young credits that opportunity as her greatest success. “It truly was one of the highlights of my life,” said Young.

Some of Young’s fondest memories as a student at MSU were spending time with her friends and sorority sisters, attending MSU football games, hanging out in Rice Hall, and visiting on the steps of the Colvard Student Union between classes.

When asked about her favorite MSU tradition, Young states, “I absolutely love hearing the alma mater played from the Chapel of Memories. It always gives me goose bumps when we get to the chorus and the line ‘with praise our voices ring.’”

When reflecting back on her time at MSU and adding a few final thoughts, Young states, “Everyone can succeed at MSU. I came from a small town and walked into a big university. My professors embraced me and nurtured me. My communication department faculty encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and try new opportunities. MSU believes in its students and offers numerous opportunities and the support to succeed. I'm grateful for my time at MSU and my continued association with my alma mater!”

Young enjoys watching her children play sports, volunteering, reading, traveling with her husband and watching an occasional Netflix marathon.

Camille, on the right, is pictured here with her husband, on the left, and three children, in between them.


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