Amy Tuck

Amy Tuck

Amy Tuck

By Emily Dallas

Former Mississippi Lieutenant Governor, Amy Tuck, reminisces on the time she spent at Mississippi State University as a student noting experiences outside the classroom taught her important life lessons. Tuck, a 1994 graduate, takes pride in her alma mater. “I am very proud to be an MSU Alumna. My experience at Mississippi State University was very memorable, and I made many friends,” said Tuck.

Tuck graduated from MSU with a master’s degree in public policy and administration. She was involved in extracurricular activities on campus and credits that to learning skills for life after college. 

“I was able to be part of student organizations, including serving as Director of Governmental Affairs in the Student Association, which afforded me opportunities to network with many individuals in public service,” said Tuck.

She accredits Dr. Steve Shaffer as being her favorite faculty member at MSU. “He is a talented professor, and his students learn practical knowledge that is beneficial in their careers,” said Tuck. “He always supported his students and encouraged them to pursue their goals,” she added. Tuck says the Department of Political Science and Public Administration and the College of Arts & Sciences helped prepare her for success in future careers. 

“The entire department of political science was excellent. Advisors strived to help me succeed and professors were accessible and always willing to help,” said Tuck. When discussing advice for current students, Tuck states, “Learn about the student organizations MSU has to offer. Get involved on campus and in your community.”

Tuck was the Lt. Governor of Mississippi from 2000-2008, and now works for Mississippi State University as the vice president of campus services. Tuck is honored for being able to represent Mississippi for eight years. “My greatest honor was serving as Lt. Governor of Mississippi. I am so appreciative of the trust people placed in me to serve in this position,” said Tuck.

Tuck’s fondest memory of her time at MSU was football season. “Football season at MSU is always an exciting time on campus. It is nice when family and friends come back to campus, and we cheer our Dawgs to victory and visit while tailgating,” she said. Years after graduating, Tuck still enjoys the atmosphere of game days and enjoys the memories made on MSU’s campus.

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