Getting Involved

Involvement in your undergraduate major can be one of the most impactful and rewarding experiences of your college education.  Many times, the experiences a student has during their undergraduate education can shape their future goals and aspirations.  Many of these experiences take place outside of the classroom through involvement in organizations, undergraduate research, and study abroad experiences.

Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate research is an area our university prides itself on through our its participation in nearly every department.  The College of Arts & Sciences is no exception to this rule.  With several formal undergraduate research programs such as the Biology Undergraduate Research Program (B.U.R.P.) students have the unique opportunity to get involved with research as early as freshman year.  Research is a vital part to any college curriculum and can be a major building block for further careers in graduate school, profession school, or entrance straight into the job market.  It gives insight into your work ethic and application of items learned in class, something that can’t always be measured by a GPA.

Clubs and Organizations

Involvement in clubs and organization through your academic college can be one of the best decisions in your undergraduate career.  With so many options to choose from, it’s easy for any student to find a fit.  Below are a list of many of the clubs and organizations listed through every department.

Anthropology & Middle Eastern Cultures

Biological Sciences



  • Communication Ambassadors
  • iCapture MSU
  • Lab Rats Comedy & Improv
  • Lambda Pi Eta
  • PRAM
  • SBA
  • English

Classical & Modern Languages and Literatures

  • Language Emissaries
  • Pi Delta Phi (French)
  • Delta Phi Alpha (German)
  • Sigma Delta Phi (Spanish)
  • Geosciences
  • History
  • Mathematics & Statistics
  • Philosophy & Religion

Dean's Student Advisory Council (DSAC)

Physics & Astronomy

  • Society of Physics Students
  • MSU Astronomy Club

Political Science

  • Stennis Montgomery Association
  • Pre- Law
  • College Republicans
  • College Democrats
  • Mississippi Model Security Council


  • Psi Chi


  • Sociology Student Association

Study Abroad

Our college offers a number of study abroad opportunities through several of our departments.  This past year we had students travel to Spain, South America, Israel, Greece and more.  Additionally, The Office of Study Abroad can be a valuable resource in planning your study abroad experience. (