Department of Psychology Clinical Brown Bag series

Sep 4, 2020

12:00 pm


Title: 'Psychopathy and Boldness?'

Summary: Despite decades of research, there is limited agreement about how to define psychopathy.  In a highly influential paper, Patrick, Fowles, and Krueger (2009) proposed a triarchic model of psychopathy, suggesting that meanness, disinhibition, and boldness are the three elements that comprise psychopathy.  Of these three elements, boldness, which combines social dominance with fearlessness and emotional resiliency, is the most controversial.  Critics have argued that because boldness is associated with a variety of positive features and outcomes, it should not be considered an element of a pathological condition.  This talk will consider the controversy around boldness and the broader question of how we conceptualize psychopathy.


Lecture by: Dr. David Marcus
Washington State University

Location: Webex
Meeting number (access code): 120 031 9744
Meeting password: 4rZcqtva

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