Computational and Applied Mathematics Seminar

Nov 8, 2018

3:30 pm

Allen Hall 411

Title: Multi-physics analysis of aerospace materials under extreme environment.

Speaker: Prof. Yeqing Wang, Department of Aerospace Engineering, Mississippi State University



Abstract: Aerospace structures are frequently exposed to extreme environments, such as complex electromagnetic environments (e.g., lightning strike, laser, and plasma threats) and complex aerothermodynamics environments (e.g., at hypersonic regime, M > 10). Therefore, these structures need to be carefully designed and optimized to withstand those complex extreme environments and ensure their structural safety. Research about this topic needs to be carried out from understanding the underlying physics to subsequent mathematical and computational modeling. If computational models are successfully validated and proven to be reliable, they can be used to help us better design and optimize the structures to withstand extreme environments and extend their structural life. In this talk, I will present my research about multi-physics analysis of aerospace composite and metallic materials subjected to lightning strike, laser, and hypersonic environments. Corresponding computational models are proven to be effective through validations against experimental observations and measurements, or through code-to-code verifications. In particular, I will present: (i) lightning strike electrostatic model for evaluating dielectric breakdown and lightning strike interception efficiency, (ii) element deletion FEA procedure and manual mesh moving FEA procedure for capturing moving boundary conditions during the lightning/laser-induced heat conduction considering progressive material removal, and (iii) a 1D FEA hypersonic re-entry ablation model. Today's limitations about this topic will also be addressed.

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