College of Arts and Sciences Ambassadors

College of Arts and Sciences Ambassadors 2018-2019

CASA group 2018-2019

First row (left to right): Katelyn Jackson, Joy Carino, Cheyenne Schettino, Marisa Laudadio, Ben Emmich, Sam Sider, Kim De La Cruz. Second row (left to right): Krishna Desai, Allie Hanson, Alex Forbes, Shannon Falkner, Sierra Laltrello, Sofia Alvarez. Third row (left to right): Desiree Goodfellow, Sam Taylor, Abbie Kate Hancock, Bryce Krumcke, Emily Welch. Fourth row (left to right): Madison Baima, Adrianna Genge, Lauren Scott, Olivia Murtagh, Avery Ferguson, Alanna Bond. Fifth row (left to right): Torrye Evans, Sydney Taylor, Nic Ezzell, Laura Ingouf, Blake Williams. Not pictured: Emily Tingle, George Crook, Dylan Smith

College of Arts and Sciences Ambassadors - Executive Board

CASA executive group 2018-2019

(From left to right): Cheyenne Schettino, Secretary; Marisa Laudadio, President; Ben Emmich, Vice President 

As Mississippi State University’s largest and most diverse academic college, the College of Arts and Sciences seeks to faithfully and accurately represent the wide-ranging interests and concerns of its students. The College of Arts and Sciences Ambassadors (CASA), comprised of undergraduate representatives from the college’s 14 academic departments, seek to serve that purpose as a connection between the students in the college and the college’s administration.

CASA represents the College of Arts and Sciences to current and prospective students. Serving alongside representatives from their home departments, the ambassadors assist at recruitment events to relay how they have discovered their path to success through the College of Arts and Sciences. Our students serve as mentors to incoming students by staying in contact with prospective students, helping them discover future opportunities as Mississippi State Bulldog​s.