Researcher Highlight

April 2014's Researcher of the Month:

Dr. Michael Clifford, Professor of Philosophy & Religion

Dr. Michael Clifford (center) is Professor of Philosophy in the Department of Philosophy and Religion. Dr. Clifford specializes in social and political philosophy, and in contemporary Continental philosophy, especially the work of the French philosopher, Michel Foucault. Dr. Clifford’s recently published book, Empowerment: The Theory and Practice of Political Genealogy (Lexington/ Rowman & Littlefield, 2013), critically examines how the work of Nietzsche and Foucault has been adopted methodologically by a range of theorists in a number of academic disciplines, from philosophy to political theory to geography to urban studies to cultural theory. The main research for the book was conducted at the University of California, Berkeley, where Dr. Clifford was Visiting Scholar. This is his second book. His first, Political Genealogy After Foucault: Savage Identities(Routledge, 2001), studied the formation of modern political identity. Dr. Clifford also has research and teaching interests in ethics. One of his published articles, “Moral Literacy,” (Teaching Ethics, Spring, 2011), has been featured in the Society for Ethics across the Curriculum, Ethics CORE: National Center for Professional and Research Ethics, and the Ethics Education Library. Dr. Clifford received his Bachelors Degree (summa cum laude) from Marshall University and his Master’s and Ph. D. from Vanderbilt University, where he was Graduate Select Scholar in the Arts and Sciences. He has been teaching at MSU since 1992.

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